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If you want to embrace the kind of self-love that will ignite the power within you to be unstoppable and invincible, join the challenge to help you Unleash Your Self-Love and start attracting everything good into your life!

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During our challenge, you'll learn to harness and leverage the power of self-love as you learn to appreciate yourself as you go through 5 days of personal empowerment and growth with this challenge.

You'll enjoy an exciting journey of self-discovery as you explore your amazing qualities and start building a loving relationship with yourself.


DIY Unleash Yourself Self-Love Experience


Start your self-love journey with our DIY experience which will help you nurture an intimate relationship with yourself, uncover your exceptional qualities, and unlock your true potential.

Follow our daily challenges at your own pace, access our basic self-love tools, become comfortable with yourself at your own pace, and connect with other Self-Love DIYers.

Dare to take the plunge to and make the most of your life with this exciting self-guided journey to self-love. 


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You'll receive a beautifully designed basic guide with your daily challenge  and Checklist to track your daily challenge. Each day is designed to inspire and motivate you to nurture a positive relationship with yourself throughout the 5-day challenge and beyond the challenge. 





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This is a space to gather with other inspiring women, share stories and experiences, foster meaningful connections and collaboration, and nurture your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing, leaving you with a cup full of self-love.