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This Fall 2023 edition is a must in your holiday tool box!

The holidays are a time to cherish the moments we share with loved ones. This is the time when taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for others.  After many years of “holidaying” I wanted to share my holiday wisdom by creating this special holiday edition filled with ideas for festivities and activities that integrate self-care into your stress-free holiday lifestyle.

Here are your top 3 Lifechanging Reasons why subscribing is a must!

The Ultimate Holiday Guide-

This edition serves as your ultimate guide to helping you craft a stress-free holiday season experience where your home smells like the holidays and plan simple holiday dinners and invite your cherished guests to make memories and mingle with family and friends while prioritizing your selfcare and wellbeing as you plan, do, and enjoy!

The Ultimate Holiday Selfcare

Each article was crafted with the intention to share my wisdom with you on every main detail to create a stress-free and budget friendly experience centered around your selfcare and wellbeing with important articles with tips and steps that are the simplest and most authentic to your selfcare and wellbeing while maximizing our joy and peace surrounded by the people you truly cherish and love.

The Ultimate Holiday Planner +Tips + Steps-

You’ll start by bringing in the holiday fragrance into your home in natural ways. Then you can start planning your perfect celebration with my KISS rule and move right into creating your perfect guest list and tips on managing those unruly family members with grace and ease.  You’ll also find my favorite fashion and beauty favorites for this season and a whole lot of mindfulness to help you stay aligned with your highest good and help this your best holiday season ever!

So come on girlfriend, I know you’re going to love this new holiday lifestyle centered around your selfcare and wellness and packed with fun and memories to make.

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Happy Holidays!

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