How to Harness the Frequency of Love with Self-Love Pixie Dust

Imagine connecting to the Frequency of Love from a place of absolute self-love just by sprinkling a little pixie dust...? How can some self-love pixie dust activate one of the highest vibrating states of being and one of the purest forms of energy?

Simple, when you give from a place of self-love, you activate the energy of love. The more love you give, the more love you receive, and the higher your vibration rises, the more your energy grows and expands connecting you to the frequency of love. Easier said than done right?

Actually, it’s pretty easy, and the quickest way to get there is to sprinkle a little self-love pixie dust to harness the energy of love. The Self-Love Pixie Dust holds the energy of love. So, when you sprinkle someone or something with your self-love pixie dust, you’re activating the energy of love. And according to God’s principle of return on your giving, when you give from a place of love you receive it back a hundredfold, meaning you receive the greatest possible.

Get inspired to create your own self-love pixie dust!  Unleash the power within you to raise your vibration to the highest and purest frequency and start attracting the people, circumstances, and resources to help you create your best life while your best self, sprinkles a little pixie dust to transform her world.

Here’s how to create your pixie dust

Grab a jar and decorate it however you wish...get creative.  Inside you can put whatever you choose to use for pixie dust. I don’t usually put anything material in it.  What I do is fill it with love, gratitude, and joy using my intentions to infuse positive energy.  

Once you have your self-love pixie dust jar ready, invite your inner child to come out to play. Let her be the one goes around sprinkling Self-Love pixie dust all day long filled with happiness and joy. Let her sprinkle it often throughout the day.  

Getting ready to sprinkle pixie dust

Before you let your inner-child start sprinkling pixie dust, give yourself a moment to connect with the feeling of love.  Start by setting your intentions and aligning your feelings and emotions with love from a place of self-love. Tune to love frequency 528 Hz music to help you relax and open the flow between your self-love and the energy of love. 

Once you’ve set your intentions and aligned your feelings and emotions with love from a place of self-love, unleash your inner-child and start sprinkling that love infused pixie dust.

Where to Start Sprinkling 

Start by sprinkling pixie dust on yourself every morning to start your day on the frequency of love.  As you sprinkle it on yourself, connect with the feeling of love. Take those feelings and give yourself love to help you connect with your self-love frequency.

You can also, sprinkle pixie dust on yourself on moody days to shift your funk-energy and dissolve any emotional (sad, upset, irritated, etc.) and mental overwhelm (anxiety, depression, and stress etc.). Sprinkling Self-Love Pixie dust may sound silly, but it truly is magical energetic tool to self-lovingly sooth yourself.

As you move through your day, start sprinkling pixie dust on everything and everyone that you love.  As you sprinkle, layer the feeling of joy.  Make this a life-long practice and watch your world transform and lead you to magic.

Ready to harness the frequency of Self-Love...yes you are.

Now you know how to harness the frequency of self-love to transform your life.  Because when you harness the frequency of love from a place of self-love and sprinkle the energy of love with a little self-love pixie dust, your world becomes open to attracting only beautiful and positive people, circumstances, and resources to align and respond lovingly to your self-love pixie dust—she holds the energy of love.


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