Goddess Morning Routine Workshop

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Welcome to 2024, the year of the Goddess who rises from the depths like a Lotus flower to blossom and bloom into the best and most authentic version of herself and create the best and most authentic life she wants to live.

The Goddess Morning Routine Group Coaching program is designed to help guide you in creating a personalized daily routine that nurtures your inner goddess from the moment you wake up. At the core of your inner goddess is your sacred lotus, made up of five beautiful petals that represent your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social self. The Goddess Morning Routine, integrates a holistic approach to each petal of your sacred lotus.

Imagine that every morning, like the Lotus, you have the power to choose how you want to start your day and how you want to feel. By embracing your inner goddess and creating a sacred space for yourself every morning, you can set the tone for a day filled with empowerment and intention. When you prioritize your self-care, you create a morning ritual that supports and strengthens each petal of your sacred lotus' wellbeing  and empowers your inner-goddess to show up as her best self ready to live her best day!.

Here is How it Works:

For the next six months you'll embark on a guided journey into awareness and enlightenment with empowering easy to implement tools in a small community of likeminded women who are ready to create the best and most authentic version of herself and the best and most authentic life emblematic of wellness, abundance, and success.  

What You Receive: