Four Motivation Tips to Increase Your Natural Movement Daily

As I age, I feel my body moving less freely and effortlessly.  But I know that I can take control by naturally moving my body more throughout my day. The brilliance of natural movement is that it is already part of our daily living routine, we are just bringing in more awareness and intention into how we move throughout our day, like people who live in Blue Zones--centenarians.

Natural movement is simple. All we need to do is have the motivation to get up and move around smarter throughout the day at home or outdoors.

 Here are my favorite 4 Motivation Tips that keep me moving naturally throughout the day:

1. Take a walk with your best friend--your pooch.                             

Talking in nature just for 10 minutes lowers anxiety and depression and increases your focus and creativity, while creating a stronger bond with your pooch and extra movement if you have to poop-scoop. Make it fun by walking in your neighborhood, park or beach and pairing it with your favorite play list or podcast.

2. Get up and Boogie

Make sitting breaks fun by dancing to a song from your favorite playlist. Dancing improves strength and balance, boosts cognitive performance, mood, self-esteem, and happiness--it also stimulates memory and emotions by taking you back to that moment in time in your life. You'll be surprised by how fun and invigorating one dance can be. 

3. Make it Sparke Sister with a 10-minute chore challenge

 Having a clean and organized home that smells nice creates a stress-free relaxing environment to help you reduce anxiety and help you focus on the things you love. Do the 10-minute chore challenge. Take 10 minutes and do a chore. I like to put on my tea or coffee pot and do one chore while brewing. I can load or unload my dishwasher or laundry then I go back to writing my blog and newsletters. This 10-minute interval chore plan keeps me in constant movement. Get creative on how you work through your 10-minute chore challenges throughout the day. It is so much fun and productive.

4. Shop till you drop while you walk

Grocery shopping is a great way to get your natural movement. I love to go grocery shopping because I get quality natural movement time strolling down the aisles. I easily get a good three thousand steps each trip, especially at big warehouse stores where there is so much to see. I'm also fortunate to live in an urban area with entertainment, shopping, and restaurants near me. This gives me an opportunity to walk to the pharmacy and window shop during the cooler months of the year.

Natural movement is fun and practical. I hope I’ve inspired you to create and integrate natural movement in your everyday life. Get creative and discover how you can uplevel your daily movement routine.

You can also join me in My Blue Zone Lifestyle programs, where I will empower you on more strategies to integrate natural movement into daily life to boost your quality of life, as well as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and longevity. Classes and personal coaching begins Fall 2023, just visit my webpage for more details.

Remember, movement is freedom and independence so kick-up your natural movement daily.


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