"Movement is Freedom!" Having a Movement Mantra Encourages Longevity

This morning during my walk, as I struggled to keep my pace, I heard the universe whisper in my soul, "movement is freedom!". My chronic pain was flaring, and my joints were stiff. I was feeling like the "tin lady," who needed a little oiling to keep going. I could see my son ahead, stopping often to wait and check if I had not planted my face on the grass.

As I struggled through the pain and effort, I continued to hear the universe’s encouraging whispers, "movement is freedom!".  Soon, "movement is freedom" became my mantra to move forward while listening to my body saying, slow down and keep going with grace in your step and love in your heart.  Feel how I heal with every step you take.

So, I listened to my body and slowed down to give myself grace and love while repeating my new mantra, “movement is freedom”. Soon I melted into the healing frequency (174 Hz) of my music and flowed into active meditation with cleansing breaths surrounded by nature allowing my body to heal with every step.

My lesson for today was about self-awareness and allowing sacred communication with sacred source and body. I listened to and allowed a mantra from the universe to inspire and motivate me to align with my wellness and longevity goals. I gained awareness about my purpose to self-empower to be my best self and to live my best life with freedom and independence. I realized that the more I move, the more I give myself freedom, independence, abundance and quality of life. 

I realized that as we age, mobility is my blessing to move freely and effortlessly to enjoy my favorite activities, socialize, and complete my daily tasks independently.  More importantly, I learned that mobility is absolute self-empowerment. It is essential to move my body daily, as much as possible to remain in control of my wellbeing, freedom, and independence. The more I move the freer and longer I will live.  

While changes in our natural movement and mobility occur naturally as we grow older, it is essential that you make movement a priority to stay in control of your wellbeing, freedom, independence, and longevity.  

Having a movement mantra is your best longevity ally to motivate and encourage you to move your body for wellness and freedom 

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