Integrate Grace and Love into Your Daily Routines and Schedules.

After taking a short sabbatical, going back to a routine and schedule has kicked my inner and outer world off its axis. Getting back into the swing of things was causing emotional distress and creating stress and anxiety. So, to protect my emotional and mental wellbeing, I simply decided to give myself grace and love.

Today was a reminder that sometimes you just need to give yourself space for grace and love to fall back into alignment and protect your emotional and mental health.

As we strive to live and thrive in a demanding environment, we create routines and schedules to help us keep up pace with our busy lives. While having routines and schedules to keep our outer world spinning on its axis is fantastic, they often become limiting to our inner world and throw us out of alignment.

Routines and schedules are helpful tools to guide our personal and professional activities; they become our measure of performance and endurance that keeps our work-life balance flowing. However, routines and schedules can become emotional triggers that make us feel unaligned with ourselves and our work-life balance flow. This creates internal chaos that makes us feel stressed, anxious, and pressured with no control over our time. This inner-chaos state of mind has an adverse emotional and mental impact on us and those we love and serve.

Therefore, it is so important that you integrate a space for grace and love into your daily routines and schedules. This means that if you do not follow your routines and schedules completely, it is okay to give yourself grace by loving the parts of your routine and schedule you completed rather than dwelling on the parts you did not complete.

Allow yourself space to surrender to divine timing and let it guide you through the day rather than forcing rigid routine and schedule compliance upon yourself. Instead, set intentions to create routines and schedules that are in integrity and alignment with your priorities and well-being. Setting intentions helps you create a space for grace and love that will always bring you back into alignment with yourself, your life, and your business. 

Yes, it is easier said than done, especially when you allow external pressures to dictate your routines and schedules. However, I am here to ease us both into that space of grace and love to keep our outer and inner world spinning in alignment with success.

I hope this blog post inspires awareness to give yourself grace and love as you move through your day. Protecting your emotional and mental health is critical to your overall wellbeing.

Remember to always consult with your medical team to ensure your mental wellbeing.


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